Mattress Options

We now offer two mattress options for our New Style Lounger Beds - a fibre fill option or a foam/memory foam combination mattress. Please see the information below for details about each one. 

Fibre Fill Mattress:

The fibre mattress is filled by hand with layers of 10oz Polyester Upholstery Wadding with soft hollow fibre in between to provide great comfort and support for your dog. It is separated into three chambers to stop migration of the materials providing a bed that will remain plump and soft and retain their shape for longer. Fibre fill mattresses are a great comfortable option for dogs that like a softer, cushioned feel. Unfortunately these mattresses can flatten over time so I would recommend plumping it up every month to maintain shape.

Dual Foam Mattress

Our dual foam mattresses are a combination of high density foam topped with memory foam (Medium: 5cm memory foam, Large: 8cm memory foam both bonded to 10cm high density foam). It's a deep, medium/firm mattress that is incredibly comfortable for your dog. It's been designed this way to replicate human memory foam mattresses so that the dog will sink in the proper amount to relieve pressure points and no more. Memory Foam density is measured in cubic metres so foam with a density of 40kg will weigh 40kg if you have one cubic metre. The recommended Memory Foam density for a good quality dog bed is 40-60kg, memory foam used for our mattresses is 50kg (often used for humans too!) Mattresses that are solid memory foam, if too soft, can cause the dog to sink to the bottom and therefore do not relieve pressure at all. A lot of research has gone in to creating the perfect memory foam mattress that is truly orthopaedic. This mattress will relieve arthritic pain in older dogs in addition to maintaining joint health in dogs of all ages as the memory foam reacts to body temperature, conforming to their unique shape and distributing their weight evenly across the bed. A foam combination mattress is more expensive than fibre fill but it is a sturdier option that naturally regains its shape and will last a very long time. These beds are suited to all dogs particularly older dogs and larger breeds. Our foam mattresses come with a cotton 'sock' cover that is open at one end so you can see inside to ensure the memory side is up and can also be removed for washing.
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